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Over the years, many of our Clients have come to rely upon us to manage the majority of services they need leading up to the sale, rental or ownership transfer of a property. This is particularly relevant if the property is distant from where they live or work, or if they have limited free time available to devote to achieving this. ProVals undertakes Probate valuations and detailed inventories directly and fully manages ancillary services provided by carefully vetted third party suppliers so you only need to have one point of contact from start to finish.


These services can include the following:

Property Clearance

One of the most important, and time consuming tasks is to clear a property. We manage the clearance making sure everything is disposed of in accordance with any bequests, and local regulations. Please never pay a "man with van" to clear the property - this is fraught with disaster and may result in fines and a criminal record - and it usually costs a lot of money!

Entering antiques and collectibles into suitable auctions

We have very strong working relationships with top  quality and reliable auction houses. They are happy to meet us at properties and sort through items that could go to auction, and advise on the best auction for them be it jewellery, furniture, pictures, books or other items.

Disposal of items to charity shops and/or recycling centres

Too many items end up in land fill. We take a pro-active approach and are happy to arrange collection or deliver them to charity shops and depots. We also ensure that the Governments Gift Aid system is used to increase the value of donations to charity by 20%. We are delighted that by doing this we raise many extra £1,000's for charity every year.

Delivery of retained items

We frequently arrange the careful packaging and secure delivery of items that are bequests in someone's will. If the recipient is within a reasonable driving distance we're also happy to personally deliver items to them.

Electrical systems

Confirming that the electric installation in a home is safe is of paramount importance - particularly if the property is to be rented out, in which case it is also a legal requirement. We can arrange for testing and upgrading/repairs if necessary.

Heating and water systems 

Empty and unoccupied houses seem to deteriorate more quickly than occupied ones. Regularly servicing the boiler helps to ensure that there are no fractured pipes. If a property is left empty for an extended period the insurance company will probably insist that everything is drained down.  

Initial and on-going garden maintenance

The whole probate procedure tends to take a few months, so regular and on-going garden maintenance ensures that the grass and borders are kept neat and tidy, particularly if the Executors do not live close by and can only get to the property every few weeks. 

Changing or adding to locks,

re-setting alarm systems

An unoccupied property is always tempting to thieves so additional security measures are strongly advised. These range from additional door and window locks through to monitored alarm systems in some cases, all of which we can advise on and arrange to be installed.

Full house clean including cookers,  carpets and windows

Having the property professionally cleaned before moving in, selling or renting it leaves it clean and smelling fresh throughout so welcoming to everyone who goes there.

Internal and external decorating and repairs.

To achieve maximum "kerb appeal" for properties being sold or rented it is vital to present them as well as possible, after all there is a lot of competition out there!

Re-decorating will lift a property and help reduce any "red flags" that cause buyers and renters to offer silly prices or just walk away.

Whatever your needs please contact us as we can usually help.

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