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About Us

Provals was started by Steve Holden in 1993 alongside Cristal Clear Inventories ( to provide a fully range of services to property owners, estate agents and solicitors as well as Estate executors and administrators.

More recently, Provals and Cristal Clear were joined by Montague-Brookes ( to support the upper end of the property rental market. All three businesses are thriving and continue to provide high-quality, affordable services to a broad range of Clients.

Steve sold Cristal Clear and Montague-Brookes in 2021 to concentrate full time on developing and expanding Provals services and coverage.

Who we are

Provals was founded by husband and wife team Steve and Karen Holden who are still 100% in control of both the "day-to-day" activities and the ongoing management. Working from a separate office at our home in the Herefordshire countryside we are committed to providing our Clients with the level of service they expect to receive.


Through our extensive experience within the probate and property markets we have built an enviable network of contacts. This enables us to manage all aspects of probate valuation including the supervision of property clearances, cleaning, repairs and decorating, achieving a satisfactory outcome for each Client at affordable fee levels.

We are extremely fortunate to do what we do - it is incredibly rewarding to understand someone's outlook on life from the artefacts they leave behind!

We're never bored, but should we think we might be, we can look out of the office window at the views to remind ourselves how lucky we are.

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