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What to do when someone dies

At Provals, we understand the challenges that come with the death of a loved one. We are here to provide specialised probate support and probate valuations, so you can focus on what’s important: honouring your loved one’s life and memory.

We have many years of experience in the probate industry and are dedicated to helping our clients navigate the complicated and emotional process of what to do when someone dies. Our team is here to support you, and make sure you have all the information and resources you need.

Registering the death

In England or Wales a person's death needs to be registered within five days. In Scotland, the time limit is eight days. This includes weekends and bank holidays

You will need to register the death at a Register Office. You can find out which office to contact via the following link that takes you to a Government database.

If the person died on a foreign ship or aircraft, you must register the death in the country where the ship or aircraft is registered.

To start the process you need to go to the Government's website by clicking the button below

Once registered, you will receive a 'Certificate for a burial' to pass on to the funeral director, or an application for cremation that you will need to complete and give to the crematorium. 

You must do one of these before the funeral call be allowed to take place.

As with everything associated with dealing with Probate and Probate Valuation, Provals are happy to advise and help you every step of the way.

Bereavement Support

Coming to terms with the death of someone close to you is very difficult and often takes a long time to adjust to.


In addition to the trusted people and organisations that you probably rely on in your everyday life (Religious institutions, organised social groups, even coffee mornings!) There are organisation that provide specialised help and support including:

You can also find someone to speak to about bereavement and how you are feeling at these organisations:

Citizens Advice has guidance about what happens after death and also about things you might need to do, depending on the circumstances

Please contact us using the form below, alternatively you are welcome to email or phone us.

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