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Property Clearance

Full professional house clearance including garages, sheds, and lofts.

One of the most important, and time-consuming tasks is to clear a property.

Many older people like to have the possessions they've accumulated close by to remind them of happy times, family and friends so it is a delicate matter to sort through everything to ensure nothing that might be sentimental or of value is disposed of but is passed on to the beneficiaries.

We manage the clearance making sure everything is dealt with in accordance with any bequests and complies with local regulations and recycling laws. When sorting through a property, we often find "hidden" jewellery and cash that nobody realised was there. (We recently found 14 gold half-sovereigns and about £1,200 cash with a total value of around £4,000 hidden at a property)

Please try to avoid using a "man with van" to clear the property unless you're absolutely certain there is nothing of value left - this can be fraught with problems, and may result in fines and a criminal record for fly tipping, plus it usually costs quite a lot of money!

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