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How many valuations are required for probate?

So, how many valuations should I get for probate?

Well, getting a probate valuation is broadly similar to getting work done by other suppliers such as builders or decorators. It makes no sense to employ two decorators to paint your lounge, perhaps each doing half. Similarly, engaging two separate builders to each complete half of your new kitchen extension will lead to an unholy mess!

When it comes to Probate Valuations its much the same, you're better off working with just one experienced and competent Probate Valuer from start to finish so that you get continuity, and a professionally completed probate valuation at a fair price.

Here at Provals, we've been successfully undertaking professional probate valuations for 28 years including probate valuation for jewellery, probate valuation for chattels (personal possessions), probate valuation antiques, and probate valuation for furniture, in fact complete probate valuation of house contents, including vehicles, vintage cars and bikes, tools and equipment.

The answer to the question - your only need one valuation for probate, and that is Provals Probate Valuation Services.

Also, do not be tempted by companies advertising that they're the cheapest there is, or even offering free probate valuations, generally speaking they are just after the chance to clear the property (for which they will charge you) so they can sell the 'good stuff' and make double profits!

Provals are happy to manage the clearance and disposal of everything at a property, the huge difference is that we sort everything into three categories:

  1. Items to sell, usually at auction. We arrange the collection and entry into a suitable auction sale, and then all the sales proceeds are accounted for and passed back to the Estate.

  2. Items to go to charity. This often includes clothing, modern 'flat-pack' furniture, and ornaments that are not collector pieces. If the deceased had a favourite charity we can either carefully pack and deliver to them, or arrange collection by the charity. The charity gains in two ways, by selling the items and also by us making sure that we have the donations registered for gift aid, so the government gives back an additional 25% to the charity. (For example, if the charity sells an object for £10.00 they will receive £2.50 gift aid directly from the government, this equates to 20% at basic rate tax on the total sum of £12.50) It is straightforward, we make all the arrangements so you don't heed to worry! Each year we help charities receive many additional thousands of pounds back from the government.

  3. Items for disposal. Unfortunately, there are usually a few items at every home that are unsuitable for either of the above, perhaps they're broken, non-working, or too worn out to be viably repaired. We arrange for these items to be taken to recycling centres so they do not end up in landfill.

We hope you agree that how we manage the house clearances is very much more acceptable that the alternative.

Please contact us today to discuss what you need from your Probate Valuation.

PROVALS - How many valuations required for probate?
PROVALS - Probate Valuation

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